Morocco’s FUS Rabat claim victory over South Africa’s Cape Town Tigers

FUS Rabat defeated South African team, Cape Town Tigers 84 to 58 on Tuesday night at the SunBet Arena in Pretoria during the fourth season of the Basketball Africa League (BAL-2024).

Said El Bouzidi’s team dominated the game from beginning to end. They won 24–18 in the first quarter and 44–34 in the second, extending their lead.

Bouzidi’s team came back from the locker room with even more confidence, winning 71 to 44 before extending their lead to 84 to 58 in the fourth quarter. Last Saturday in Pretoria, FUS Rabat also defeated Angolan team, Petro de Luanda, 82–73 during the opening match.

Their second game that was supposed to take place on Sunday against Dynamo Basketball Club (BBC) was cancelled due to the Burundian team’s failure to adhere to the league’s regulations regarding uniform and jersey requirements. FUS Rabat is scheduled to play against Petro de Luanda next Thursday.

The BAL-2024 is made up of two other conferences in addition to the “Kalahari Conference” (March 09–17), namely, the “Nile Conference” (April 19–27) in Egypt, and the “Sahara Conference” (May 4–12) in Senegal.

Five of the twelve teams that will play in BAL-2024 are anticipated to be returning for their fourth season in the league, while the other two will be making their debuts.

Twelve games will be played in the group phase where each conference will play the other three teams twice.

The two top teams from each conference and the two best teams in third place will travel to Kigali, Rwanda for four ranking games. Eight knockout games will then follow the four ranking games from Friday, May 24 to Saturday, June 1.

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