Nandi Mngoma talks of RickyRick & Cassper’s Success.

Cassper Nyovest and RickyRick are on almost every gig list these days. Haters and Lovers from the hustle world are on larger ends and it gets bigger by the minute. Considering many fans only get to know stars when they reach stardom, stories of fame then becomes a question of when artist reached the apex of their talents.

It’s just hear-say and rumors that have made their ways to the airwaves and not too much facts until recently when Nandi Mngoma took to her (Instagram) social media page and shared a little something with all fans of Cassper and Ricky.

@NandiMngoma wrote on Instagram: “I remember @rikyrickworld I think about 4 years ago (If not more than that) giving out his DOPE mixtapes to myself and many others, and that mixtape was so dope.. My mom even liked it… Off course some songs I skipped…”

She continued: “I remember this cheese boy who all the girls from the private schools used to love and fight over (Yes ladies have ALWAYS loved Riky lol!). But this guy always used to produce these amazing beats (I still want my beats Riky).”

She recalled calling Cassper about three years ago to speak about a producer. “… Who screwed both of us over as two kids hustling this music thing with NO money.”

Nandi said both rappers have been at it. She added: “Success definitely isn’t over night and they deserve all the success they’re getting now. As I know first-hand, how hard they have BEEN hustling. Big up to these brothers. Support them! This is their passion. #Proud #NotIndustryTalk #RealTalk.”

 Nandi Mngoma perform live at the Exclusive Sinatra Evening With Jack Daniels
Nandi Mngoma perform live at the Exclusive Sinatra Evening With Jack Daniels

Nandi herself has her own share of fame and is no stranger when it comes to Entertainment in Mzansi : Nandi Mngoma is a South African singer, actress and television presenter who rose to fame with the 2011 release of the single Tonight, which she wrote and had produced by DJ Franky.

She gained further fame with the release of her debut album Nandi in September 2012, which was followed up by her first music video, Goodtimes, in February 2013.

Born in the rural town of Maphumulo and raised in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Nandi began performing at the age of four when she was cast as the lead ballerina in a ballet. She went on to do modelling, winning numerous titles including Miss Junior RSA.

Her introduction to a music career came when she won a talent search which gave her a steady gig as a performer at the Gateway Mall.

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