New Celebrities : Instalebz and Twelebz

Writen by : Raymond MOTADI

Fame is a synonymous ideology with encrypted stigma based on power. There are those who grasp it and those who only last a few seconds to tell the tale. Popular culture has awarded us with social media outlets that carry a prolific amount of power. These days a miscellaneous group of young individuals want to be famous and all because of certain celebrities’ elaborate ostentatious display due to fame.
International celebrities are very good at displaying the epitome of celebrity lifestyle. That’s acceptable considering the comparison between the dollar and the rand.

Twitter and Instagram are the best social media platforms after Facebook. Twitter, a social media platform where you can write what you feel or like under 146 characters and get retweets or followers,

Instagram, a social media platform where you can post a picture of yourself or things you like and get likes or followers.

These platforms both give you an opportunity of possible follower-ship and influence. Follower-ship and influence are powerful traits to have if you want to achieve stardom. The more followers you have, the more influence you have and the more influence you have, the more fame you attain. These platforms have managed to keep up with the times thus adding new features such as direct message were you can get direct texts from your followers. Nowadays you can upload pictures and videos on both platforms thus expending the exposure over a colossal demographic.

These platforms have given birth to what we now know as Instalebs and Twelebs . These are basically the individuals before celebrities, the actual home ground celebrities. The people you can bump into at an event with an entourage who sometimes dress similar or share the same interests. They excrete a definite frenzy around them and the most popular once are the fashionistas, you find them at the events and they take cool pictures. One would think it’s about being pretty or having money but in most cases it’s not although the display is of an ostentatious nature. If you take a cool picture that gets over a thousand likes you are definitely on your way to celebrityvill.

The people within these groups often have talents although in most cases what’s likely to attract more attention is the rich kidz who display unintentional frivolity. They take trendy pictures and tweets that display the things they get up to when they are not busy, the cars they have and the kind of clothing they wear. This is a great opportunity for one to get discovered and a way that celebrities can become relevant for as long as they keep tweeting and posting.

Twitter and instagram are not that perfect, sometimes a tweleb or an instaleb can get ridiculed just like celebrities do , its expected when you are on your way to stardom.Twitter and Instagrams have brought people who share similar interests together thus you can get feminists; lgbt activists; hip-hop heads; makeup artists; fashion designers; socialites, video vixens and anything that draws your attention. Instalebs and Twelebs are the cool kids who are bound to be celebrities. They are next in line to take the throne once a celebrity falls off the wagon. These are the silent trend setters, on occasion they manage to inspire celebrities and sometimes celebrities even take their ideas for more recognition. The road to being an Instaleb or a tweleb is not an easy one but some just happen to end up as twelebs or instalebs because people genuinely related to their photo post or tweet.

There are those who try very hard to achieve instafame and tweetfame by putting on a façade, a simple mirage that sometimes manages to convince the masses. This definitely has its own pros and cons and its pros most definitely outways the cons. Instafame and twitterfame have managed to give many a great deal of opportunities such as popular clothing endorsement deals, master of ceremony gigs, motivational speaking, exclusive event invites.

One can say what qualifies an individual as an instaleb or a tweleb is having an amount of 8 to 10 thousand followers. These give that individual influence, the ability to set trends and the ability to get invites to exclusive parties and events. These days when tweleb or instaleb followers hear that their tweleb or instaleb will be attending or hosting a specific event they also want to attend. This becomes an entrepreneurial benefit for people in the events business. The social media status can become an opportunity were local brands can promote their brand power. Fashionistas have managed to get popular clothing brand deals just because they managed to take a picture wearing their brand which managed to get about 8000 likes.

This means that more people are interested in buying that specific brand, it’s like a social craze that happens instantly and transcends very quick. These platforms have saved some businesses from sinking. Instalebs and twelebs have turned their social pages into small business such as charging people to take pictures of them, some have gotten modelling jobs. Social media has made a colossal impact on most people especially the youth, some can use it to be great and believe it or not some can change lives. These two platforms have been a great use for artists and being an instaleb or a Tweleb is not a bad deal, one just has to find their niche. The advice I can give to one is don’t be over zealous in an attempt to achieve fame just be true to yourself and post things that you truly relate to and people will surely follow you.

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