New Venue and New Date Announced for Da Baby’s SA Performance

Fans who have already purchased tickets, will not be impacted by the recent changes to Da Baby’s performance for the Empower Africa concert. This announcement was made by the concert’s organisers.

According to Kaya 959, Da Baby will now perform at New Town on November 18 as stated by Kaycee Kennedy, CEO of Creative Economy Catalyst Pty Ltd. Da Baby was originally scheduled to perform on the Empower Africa stage on September 30 at FNB Stadium. Kennedy emphasised once more that current ticket holders are unaffected by the newly announced changes:

“…dedicated fans who’ve already purchased their tickets, your tickets are still valid for the newly announced date and venue.”

Most South African’s were unbothered in regards to this announcement with majority of social media users claiming that they were unaware of who the US rapper was.

Some even indicated that they are deliberately going to miss the concert and that they don’t care about the rapper’s upcoming appearance.

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