OvHD System : Reviewed

Satellite television is a revolutionary product and one that changed entertainment forever, but the thought of one company monopoly has raised several debate and players in the market. This week, we heard about the reduction in the price of Etv’s OVHD and I decided to pop in a game store and buy the product.

I am subscribed to Dstv due to the great quality and variety of channels, but with the choice of entertainment I get with the Netflix and Hulu access for 686.35 yearly, Dstv pricing became a Nightmare.
Internet subscription has done more for my kids’ educational life, helped me with work, connected my home and also gave me rich content that is ahead of Dstv’s international programming schedule.

So it was a great decision to check out OvHD for myself and decide if the offering is a competition to Dstv at all or even worth the price tag.

I unpacked the box, connected the cables and the connection was wonderful. I set up the whole system under 4 mins with my existing Dstv dish. I really like the idea that this device works with all existing satellite dish.

The Channels in the bouquet were :
101 – SABC 1
102 – SABC 2
103 – SABC 3
104 –
105 – eKasi+
106 – eMovies+
107 – eAfrica+
108 – Glow TV
151 – ASTV
152 – Deen TV
200 – eToonz+
201 – Mindset TV
202 – Da Vinci Learning
251 – Spirit Word
299 – Inspiration TV

I like the HD+ channels, the picture quality, sound and the navigation were all excellent. I had few problems with the programming, most channels had a time switch of 4 – 6 hours repeat time. Dstv has about 10 – 12 hours difference, considering Dstv is paid and OvHD is not but it could be better.

I also had an issue with some of the channels, contents were too old for 2015. Despite the little issues which I feel can be upgraded, the system is awesome.

Dstv has gained a huge advantage in the market of SATtv. This is due to their local production and content and it would be very hard to beat. I define OvHD as an advanced antenna for anyone that loves local tv and wants it in HD, apart from that, they need to work on the content to see their sales soar.

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