An awesome trip to Wambaths in BelaBela

This was one of those trips I read of in the magazines and I look the other way considering i would have to drive thousands of miles just to take a swim in a warm pool. Call me un-adventurous and I will pull out my memoirs but for the sake of this article, I will let you in on some memorable tips I got about making braai away from your home braai place.

Bela-Bela is a very far place for most people in Gauteng and as most living in Gauteng, if we would travel far for some tranquility and fun, we always count the monies worth. On arrival, there were lots of people at the pool, so I spread out my arm chair and assumed the spectator role with some of the Lads I was there with for the day.

It was an arranged family get together, so in a few minutes or more I got a bit excited by the playlist from the entertainment centre. I was not expecting such a beautiful playlist of house and hip-hop genre at a pool place but it was just the right beat to keep people up beat and as I looked around I saw happy faces and families having a blast.

There was even time for some cultural tracks that got most of the people at the pool side excited and jubilating.

It was time to braai, so we checked the braai area and there were some braai stands available, so myself and the other mates went over to get the fire started and get some steak on sticks. As a novice that I was, I learnt a few tips that might be useful for anyone braaing in a public space.

Firstly, note that your Charcoal paper bag is one of your most precious possession at a public braai place.
1. pre-Marinate the meat the night before
2. Tear the paper bag and use it as a brush to clean the braai net
2. Use your paper bag to fire up the coal
3. Use your Braai paper bag to blow the fire
5. Make sure the coal is fully burnt before you start the braai
6. Braai as much meat at the same time, this helps the heat pressure get the braai done quicker.

After the braai, I had a lekker pap meal with some scrumptious steak and boerwors, and then headed to the pool for some swimming time. I met a lot of lovely people at the pools, all so good I had a water resistant Nikon camera to capture some memorable moments.

Warmbaths is really a great place to meet people, take a warm swim and not really only that but a wonderful place for families to re-kindle love and singles to mingle. I remembered the detailed security check, ample parking space, and a variety of water fun.

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