FreeCall Line helps Langa residents to connect with the City

The City this week unveiled a new FreeCall line which has been installed at IKhaya le Langa and can be used to contact the City for various enquiries and service requests.

By reporting faults, complaints, vandalism and theft of City property, residents can play their part in helping us build a well-run city, together.

The City is aware of the limited landline availability and the high costs of cellphone calls. This led the City to install FreeCall lines in public amenities in poorer areas which residents can use to contact the City.

When a resident picks up the handset, they will immediately be connected to the City’s Call Centre at no cost. The Call Centre agent will respond in the language preferred by the caller, log the service request, and provide the caller with a reference number.

‘Connecting communities is part of this administration’s commitment to redress, to enable the City to enhance service delivery, especially to poorer communities. Our Customer Relations Department continues to improve its call centre operations to ensure that residents can communicate with the City. Thus far, the department has greatly increased the City’s capacity to respond to complaints, repair faults, and monitor service delivery – in the quickest time possible,’ says the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Corporate Services, Councillor Xanthea Limberg.

The Langa FreeCall Line is the first situated in a building that does not belong to the City.

‘This FreeCall line is a great example of a public-private partnership as we have installed the line in a building that is managed by IKhaya le Langa, which is a social enterprise development organisation based in Langa,’ says Councillor Limberg.

The FreeCall line works via 3G technology and is one of the innovative ways in which the City ensures that communities with poor telecommunications infrastructure are not further excluded from being able communicate with the City or access services.

‘We are committed to making progress possible for our communities and ask young and old to make maximum use of the FreeCall lines in their areas to communicate with the City.

‘The lines can be used to contact the City for various enquiries and service requests, including for account enquiries, refuse collection, illegal dumping, water leaks, sewer blockages, street lights that are not working, potholes and damaged roads. We also urge residents to report criminal activity and acts of vandalism where City infrastructure is involved,’ says Councillor Limberg.

In line with our commitment to building a caring city, more FreeCall lines will be installed during this financial year in the poorest and most vulnerable communities across the city.

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