The spring season has surely sparked the kick back in our steps as our social activity diaries have become overloaded with one event after the other as different club, organizations, families and friends have planned to host outdoor events to celebrate the vibrancy of spring. As a result thanks to this colorful sunny season we cannot wait to get up, dress up and show up.

Unfortunately for many of us, it’s during these social events that we are tempted into wavering away from our healthy eating habits. It’s mostly during the succession of these events that in the long run many individual throw in the towel of ever seeing results when it comes to achieving their goals.

It’s a fact that committing 100% to healthy eating is not feasible especially with sugary and greasy food being the order of everyday. The harsh reality is however that being too flexible with our health only sets us back and has unpleasant results as time goes.

Walala wazala, embarking on a healthy active lifestyle is not a decision that anyone can make for you nor can they eat or exercise on your behalf. Ever since my years of being a health coach, it has come to my realization that sharing basic knowledge as to why we should be healthy and get motivation enough to give most of my clients a backbone in eliminating any indecisiveness and hesitancy in embracing a healthier lifestyle more particularly when it come to eating.

No matter who you are, your race, gender or genetics, we are all made up of building blocks of life called ‘CELLS’. Therefore as a health coach, I recommend we consider the vital needs of these small living organisms when deciding on what we eat and the level of physical activity we get involve in.

When we consume too little dietary nutrients on a daily bases, we are destined to experience low energy levels, early aging and even diseases as a result of too little antioxidants and a buildup of toxins which will then attack the body’s immunity. Once our cells are unable to operate effectively then our tissues and organs will be compromised leading to susceptibility of our bodies to infections and disease.

It is therefore vitally important that we keep ourselves well nourished simply because it is these building blocks that play a very important role in keeping our DNA safe from any damage, providing energy and overall wellness of our bodies. The food we eat become raw material for synthesis of new cells in our bodies and if we choose to eat low nutrient food we might find our health in an irreversible circumstance.

Whether we like it or not if we don’t find time to eat healthy and exercise we wouldn’t anymore have a choice but to spend more time being ill. A healthy diet is one that is comprised of complex carbohydrates, protein, good fats, vitamins, minerals and water. All of this help your bodies to feel alive as the cell can sufficiently communicate with each our and operate optimally in protecting the quality of our health.

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