A perfect Valentine wish List

If there is something most men and women must change this year, It is staying away from the mundane way of doing things. It is sure true that it is the act that matters and not the value of giving. However, It is also a fact that some memories last forever while some last for days.


Remember that rose you bought Mary last year, It only lasted 4 days in the vase and Valentine was over . Considering how much it takes for one man to get valentine’s day highlighted on the calendar, you might consider putting a little more effort into appreciating Love.

We understand how hard it might be to think for her, so here is a list of things that are on the wish list of women, you would be astonished by the fact that some of these ideas costs less than the sloppy rose idea.

Hire a Band / Performer for 10 mins


The first is one of the most thoughtful gift any lady would fall for, not men in this case. If you looking for a saxophonist , a guitarist or a band as a whole depending on your budget. The best and most affordable place to look is at your church. You can get someone who would like to help at less than R200. Remember, get something on the side, we can assure you the music starts the romance but you need something to keep it going. If you can play any instrument, then you are blessed. It is on the house.

Bake something delicious

Photographer: Love Productions
Photographer: Love Productions

Its always nice to do it yourself and the best one to consider for Valentine could be some strawberry tarts, strawberry muffins and a very lovely wine. Do remember to set the table. The first thing she would notice is the effort you put in, the delicacies comes after.

Get a bubbly Valentine Bath ready


To pamper a love one and show them some TLC cuts across the board and is applicable to both men and women. So get some nice aroma bath jell and get the bath tub ready. Remember you will need a lot of petals for this, so you need to get to peeling rose petals and setting up the bathroom nicely. Make sure he doesn’t see it. No need to get it to the front door.

Fly a balloon or loose a dozen hellium bundle

Get a balloon rental company, there are loads of them in South Africa these days. Rent a balloon and get her name on it. If you have the money, you can also book a ride in the hot balloon carriage. I am sure those selfies would be framed. If you cannot afford that, go to a ballon store and ask for the valentine bundle ballons. Get the 12 piece and when you get to her , loose them, and have roses handy.

Hunt Valentine Adventure


Set up a tent in the balcony, get some cushions in there, get some really nice plate and some covered lights to create some off site camp site and get to be the chef for the night. Create a new scenery that can help you unravel a beautiful side. New scenery always works.

Wake up and make the meal


One of the old trick is the book is the dinner in bed, but if you are someone that does it regularly, skip this option. However if you hardly make food, then it would definitely be one she would appreciate but just to make the romance even better. We recommend dinner, then you have enough time to spoil yourself but of course Valentine is on Sunday, so there should be enough time.

All the suggestions are under R500 and that should not break the bank but we cannot assure you it would not break the bed, if done properly.

Have fun on February 14, and remember: Love is not meant to be just be given and received on valentine’s Day. Instead, it’s to be practiced every single day of the entire year.

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