No Beef – AKA and Cassper end feud


One of the biggest , almost commercially viable conflict, that almost went into the history books of Hip hop in South Africa is short lived. AKA ” Kiernan Jordan Forbes” and Cassper Nyovest ” Refiloe Maele Phoolo” went on almost a 3 months feud that got twitter buzzing and ever leading to the release of a single from Cassper Nyovest :

It was almost real and the possibility of a long drag of Hip Hop confrontations, music features and lyrical battles were expected. In the drag periods, it makes sense that David Patricks – Our Chairperson comment be validated when he said ” i dnt see anything big sprouting out of this beef , SA’s hip hop heads are soft for a hit beef”.

After a few public spats on twitter about who ran the biggest numbers in the game this season, the beef between Cassper Nyovest and Aka , Cassper had to cancel an appearance on popular music show Live Amp after an alleged confrontation with one of Aka’s people that resulted in terror plight situation as twitted by Nyovest

“I will not be performing on live tonight. I get to the make up room and Aka’s homie pushes me. I asked him to chill & pushed him back, that’s when he pulled out a gun on me, pointed it to my face…”

No stranger to
“I lived that gun life for real and I chose rap over it. Y’all wanna live that life? See where it takes y’all… Go on.”
”I decided not to retaliate and walked away, I’m going to deal with this the right way and follow correct procedures,” he said.

AKA tweeted in response: “I thought about it…since I didn’t do anything, I don’t owe anyone an explanation…no statement from me, just hit records.”

Award winning Mc Reason, trended on twitter on his opinions the dangers of such conflicts… “Im not asking n****s to get along and be buddies anymore. Im just asking them to let the music do the talking and winning #F@#* Beef

Cassper’s PR Company, African Star Communications, said in a press release.
“I feel this incident was unnecessary and was a sad day for the entertainment industry in South Africa. I chose not to retaliate as I have lived the life of gangster violence before and walked away from it to pursue my music career,” he was quoted saying.
“As I am a public figure now what message would I be sending out to the people that support me. Therefore I will take the correct procedures to deal with the matter.”

We read the strings of messages and cheetah acts displayed by the two actors and this all settles down to a mere publicity stunt or the two needed to reach an amicable settling in order to be able to work along side Anathi , who has been seen in both artist collaboration twit pics in studios.

A photo posted by Dust Mighty DJ

However, we are not sad that the so called #BEEF ended but that it was not all that commercially benefiting to any of this rappers, one of the reasons why first world countries outsmart the African music industry. They know every publicity is good publicity depending on how its used to benefit all involved. We hope this images posted by Vigi (DjVigilante) proves the scores have ended.


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