SONA ” EFF’s top priority” 2015

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The wave is hot and many are on the State of the Nation Address (SONA) and the disruptive issues around the event. Recently in the news is also the wage demand by NEHAWU. However, NEHAWU demand action has not moved government and state officials as much as the statements and promises made by the EFF to disrupt SONA if President Jacob Zuma does not give account of how the money spent on his Nkandla home would be refunded to the country.

Analysts believe this strategy is a clever boycott by the leader of the EFF and a way for them to save face from the internal disruption and embezzlement claims by the leaders of the party. These issues were further detailed in a recent letter by Gayton Mckenzie.

South Africans look back into the Manifesto of the EFF during the elections of 2013, and reflect on promises that were made to the followers and supporters of Malema in the Economic Freedom Fighters Party. In the manifesto, it was detailed that Adequate Salaries and Working Conditions would be one of its priority for all public servants, it also made claim of Building new cities. Also in the manifesto are the following :

  • Land expropriation without compensation.
  • Nationalisation of Mines.
  • Nationalisation of private banks and strategic sectors of the economy.
  • Creation of a 100% State Owned Bank.
  • Retaining strategic control and ownership of current SOEs and giving these a developmental mandate.
  • Development of the African economy.
  • Building of progressive political, ideological and economic partnerships in the world.

During the Elections, the major focus was strongly around Land expropriation without compensation, which gave Malema the boost he needed to push into parliament. A year after the elections there were reports of in-fighting for leadership positions and members who did not make count to claim a paying position leaving the party. In more recent days the red berret armies are starting to reflect on the promises and are yet to see any of it in action. Also recently, a fraction has developed in the EFF party claiming to be the DOEC. Many believe the only step taken by the EFF party was calling President Jacob Zuma out on the mismanaged funds used in his Nkandla Home.

In view of the plan of action by the EFF members to ask President Jacob Zuma of when he is paying the money mismanaged back to the country, analyst believe the timing might not resolve to any fruitful result. This has already been done in parliament, with no positive results.

Many ask the question about the rationale behind EFF calling out President Jacob Zuma at the SONA and consider what will happen if President Jacob Zuma refuses to answer or rather counter the question with reasoning facts based on the EFF’s party problems at the moment.

The Democratic Alliance party would have been a different candidate if the party made the call, says many south africans, considering it would have better backings and more supporters. DA is also labelled a party that has held up to most of its manifesto objectives to its followers.

The nation is waiting and ready to see how the EFF would implement their planned President Jacob Zuma trial session at the (255 meters) SONA Red Carpet event.

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