Sonia Mbele on motherhood and bringing up ‘decent humans’

Women will attest to the importance of motherhood, some of them even struggle to picture their lives without it. Sonia Mbele, an actress and businesswoman, claims that “It is a reason I wake up.” She quips,  “Without my kids, I’d be a slay queen somewhere. Lol, but jokes aside, I do it all because I want them to know that in their world, there’s no room for slack.”

Six months ago, after her son’s girlfriend accused him of physical assault, Sonia issued a statement criticizing her son’s conduct. When she discussed how undesirable her son’s alleged behavior was, Sonia was severe in the statement. The mother of two wrote:

“I refuse to raise a man like his father. Rehab, therapy and internal healing will prevail.”

At the time, Sonia’s handling of the situation was praised, and many people expressed their admiration for her for speaking up against abuse rather than remaining silent or shielding her kid.

The media darling was questioned about the most significant lessons she had learnt and how those teachings had influenced her parenting style.

“Raising decent human beings, keeping the legacy of love, honour and respect, making themselves proud before even thinking about the next person. As they always say, there is no right or wrong way to be a mother. The ‘supermom’ narrative is under scrutiny. There’s no manual…raise them by wisdom, God’s grace and pure instinct.” 

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