Thina Sobabili – Review


Thina Sobabili takes us through the journey of two siblings trying to make a meaning of life in the Alexandra township despite a very burdensome and abusive background. Thulas (Nkosinathi Gweva), a very angry young man caught up in the life of crime in efforts to fend for his sister Zanele (Busisiwe Mtshali) and get them through Life despite the odds they find themselves in, is faced with a daunting task when Zanele becomes of age and starts making decisions that led her to the life of sugar daddies and prostitution. Thula’s die hard love and a will to protect his sister, lands the two of them in a situation no one could comprehend – Monarchy Group


Thina Sobabili is a Zulu phrase meaning “You and I or the two of us” and if assumptions made everything right, then anyone’s judgement would see this movie as either a romantic or love story. We are all very familiar with Love stories but not too often one that relates to the bond between siblings.

We had a very tough time predicting this movie or even a clear idea of what to expect and that for the first time made the movie a thought provoking journey. The movie has an encrypted message if the viewer is not carried away with the emotional and abusive draft, but the most interesting part of the movie lies with the actors. A deep connection with their roles and a very solid personality that made that movie all too real, something we found very peculiar and admirable.

Zanele and Thulas were the right kind of highlight for this movie and a perfect cast for the story, the funny scenes were really needed to dice up the sad but true reality the movie tries to depict and the ending was unexpected but alluring, considering the story is compiled from several true events, it’s a tale that still leaves us with a desire to get an ending with proper closure.


There are a lot of emotional and thought provoking scenes in this movie, a well balanced directing and the most spectacular acting that makes this movie a perfect debut for Nkosinathi Gweva and the talented Busisiwe Mtshali. We believe Casting could not have been done better than it was in Thina Sobabili.

Thina Sobabili is not for the faint heart, but would be a great watch for adults and teenagers, as this movie handles some of the hardest topics on the family scope and really takes a well detailed visual of reality. A very emotional movie with an even tough ending, but something worth watching.

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