Donald & Bucie’s “Let it Burn” Video Love

2 months ago, Donald and Bucie released a single title ” Dnt Let it Burn“, a beautiful song. The soft serenade sound was well received by fans of both singers as well as most music lovers. Our Youtube link of the song debut went from 2 views to 8,000 views in a couple of weeks and is still trending. Our post tags generated over 18,000 clicks and our search links recorded a massive 1,737,272 searches to the feature.

It is a huge success and one collaboration that has generated more stats than anyone could have predicted.

This month, Donald and Bucie released the video for the single and it was nothing less of a masterpiece, the video production, sound mastering and overall wardrobe in the music video is a top to the list of #MMGoodMusicSA.

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