Update on Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx following his recent medical complication

Hollywood actor and musician Jamie Foxx

Eric Marlon Bishop, famously known as Jamie Foxx is said to be fighting for survival following his recent medical emergency. Not a lot of information is given regularly to the public regarding his recent health scare, however there are several reports which state that his condition was so severe that he almost never made it.

According to a source on Rader Online, Jamie was in need of serious medical attention after his stroke. The 55-year old actor was revived by doctors who saved his life. Doctors have confirmed that the stroke he suffered was due to his high blood pressure, which doctors say causes clots in the brain leading to a stroke. Jamie was quickly rushed to a hospital in Atlanta on April 11, 2023  after he collapsed on set while filming his new movie alongside Hollywood actress, Cameron Diaz.

Prior to this it is said that he had an intense meltdown while filming in England which led to two directors getting fired, including his personal driver. An update was given over the weekend regarding his condition and it is said that he remains hospitalised, but however he is awake and alert. Long term  friends of the star are seeking prayers while the actor and musician remains hospitalised.

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