Progress is key in the music business, and this has led to competition among artist to claim awards and get high hits profiling. The HipHop scene in Capcity has not been toping the charts in a while. It is speculated that Pretoria is the “cry baby” of the industry, cats in capcity do not support. Furthermore, this has left the city beat dry with several artist gunning for the city of gold – Jozi.

However you take it, there are still loyal, die-hard capcity cats that represent Capcity. Many of these artists do not get the respect they deserve but you need to know them, below are some of the names, i will be featuring them but here is an intro of each artist:

Kindly note, before you have a hissy fit about your favorite artist’s not making the list please note this is a list of artists making air play rounds in capcity


#MM2015 boywonder

Boy Wonder

Type of Artist: Solo
Hometown: Atteridgeville
A veteran of note in the capital city (Tshwane/Pretoria) hip hop movement, He has dropped a number of tracks that has given him credibility. He has also just added another hit banger and made an addition to his career (he fused old school flows into some hectic hiphop bass) in his upcoming act from across the capital city.

He was the talk of town in 2014, will the verse run out in 2015, we will wait and see for he has a lot to offer the game.

#MM2015 StanB

Stan B

Type of Artist: Solo
Hometown: Soshanguve
When I saw the first Stan B video – Money, I was like oooooh no, I didn’t like the track, it had some elements missing in the flow but then the remix drop and I was like “my thoughts have been read before I was called out yet again, for not playing the song on Cap City joints”.

Stan B, came up 360 degrees with a well organize mixtape which has seen 5 video shoots and still going strong with his song on top fo local charts. His music direction is unique and it’s certain he has a future in the industry. He clearly wants to dominate the airwaves and screen charts.

#MM2015 INK


Type of Artist: Duo
Hometown: Hammanskraal
Winding back to 2013, when Anvils went on a silent mode with each other in an effort to strengthen their solo careers. It was a common ground issue as most duo groups eventually get separated. I was introduced to this duo from Hamanskraal that has got mad skills and they are called I.N.K. I would make a statement for the record ” I was impressed with what they had to offer”.

Hammaskraal cats are heating the hiphop scene, this duo are also from Hammaskraal and are making every effort to make sure they are recognised. They released a venac track titled “Pitori” no other crew or duo has ever attempted this in Cap City and we anticipating a dope video to their hit banger.

#MM2015 pdotO


Type of Artist: Solo
Hometown: East London. Eastern Cape
Lyrically sound and a genius on the beat, PdotO has been on the grind and hard on construction with his ever complete delivery on all his released tracks. He is always on point,  always constructed to the “T” like an architect of note.

His lyrical Verse flows deep. He certainly is on a mission to claim the flow master’s crown soon. His effortless combination of old school flow with cap city deep rhythm has been know to be great and he always reminds the street of what they have forgotten.

#MM2015 Ras


Type of Artist: Solo
Hometown: Luanda, Angola
The Real African Seed, over the years he has been on the down low, recording some of your favourite artist, this has given him an edge when he comes to dropping dope beats, when he rhymes you know it’s about to be summer in winter.

Always securing heats for all seasons around and always, he is always re-crafting his material to ensure he becomes the true African seed. I can most definitely confirm that he is a true capcity artist that has mastered his sound and lyrical flow.

#MM2015 lection


Type of Artist: Solo
Hometown: Mafikeng
He relocated for the big dream, this is one of his direction when he released Mr Lebotha, even though he remained with Lection Lec, the name he got from street hustling and knocking on club owners door. He decide to go straight for the big broadcaster and he made a major impact.

He dropped Basadi in 2014, it was received with mix motion by most people. AKA went straight for him on social media, with some hot comments, Basadi was taken from Migos – Vesarce. Lection went on to release a track with Lungelo title “They Know”.

#MM2015 NuEvuloootion

Nu Evolution

Type of Artist: Trio
Hometown: Hammanskraal
Music has been the same, lyrical flows trim on a bass chord has defined the style of rap, until a trio from Hammanskraal came all out to experiment the new sound and this is exactly what the city needs, new breeds, with a fresh talent.