Brain injury patients’ artworks showcased at London Exhibition

Brain injury survivors who are now artists are displaying their paintings in the Barbican Centre in London.

The Barbican arts institution and the charity Headway, which uses music and the arts to assist people with brain injuries regain control of their lives, have worked together for four years to create the Differently Various exhibition.

People who have benefited from the charity also wrote the music for the exhibition. Yokabet Mekuria is one of the artists whose work is exhibited at the Barbican.

In her self-portrait, she is depicted in vivid colours. ” With the colours I suppose it’s like to say I’m joyful, I’m not hiding in the background any more, I’m here,” said Mekuria.

“To actually see myself here is unbelievable because I never thought I would be here”

The artistic process has served as a way of rehabilitation for the artists here, like Mekuria. The artworks in Differently Various celebrate survival and the courage of those who inspired them, even though the artists’ injuries permanently altered their lives.

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