Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gifts a house to Zimbabwean UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is seen gifting  a new house to a UFC fighter in a video that was shared on several social media sites. Zimbabwean mixed martial artist, Themba Gorimbo, grabbed Johnson’s attention earlier this year when he tweeted that he had only $7 in his bank account.

Johnson could identify with him because he had also encountered such difficulties in Miami very early in his career. In the video, Johnson takes the fighter to his new home after first surprising him with a visit at a Miami gym.

On June, 10, earlier this year, The Rock commented on Gorimbo’s initial tweet regarding his available bank balance, Johnson’s comment read: “I once had $7 bucks too. I’ve been there on that grind. Got your back, brother. I’ll help.”

Gorimbo’s story of how he won his second UFC match, sold his fighting gear, and used the money to build a water well in his hometown in Zimbabwe really touched Johnson.

“That was awesome and amazing. Now I understand why they tell me how big his heart is and what a wonderful human being that man is”, said Gorimbo about Johnson.

Gorimbo showed gratitude and told Johnson that he wishes to continue giving to his Zimbabwean community now that he has given him a house. “Because you got me this house… I’m going to build another borehole in my village now when I land in Africa… with the money I was supposed to use for [a house]” he said to Johnson.  

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