Fans give praise to Dineo Ranaka’s new podcast “Sex n’ Stuff”

It is without any doubt that media personality Dineo Ranaka is a woman of many abilities, and a reputation for refusing to let anything keep her down. Ranaka recently gained attention for her mental health issues, something she has always been honest about to her fans.

Later, she took a break from her several work activities including her responsibilities as a radio host at Kaya FM in order to seek the help she needed regarding her mental health. Kaya FM fired her as Solomzi “Sol” Phenduka’s co-host of the morning show after she admitted to having severe chronic depression.

Many people would assume that Ranaka’s termination would make things worse for her, yet the multi-talented personality has started her own podcast as a new platform for expression.

Ranaka introduced “Dineo on Sex n Stuff” two weeks ago on the expanding Podcast and Chill Network. Ranaka’s podcast features weekly guests that she discusses openly and honestly with about various subjects, including relationships and intimate themes.

With many of her fans appreciating the seasoned broadcaster for making lemonade out of lemons throughout her trying season, Ranaka’s podcasts are quickly growing in popularity among her fans.

“It’s all going to be an enjoyable journey of self discovery. Researching mental health matters through conversations about sexual health and pleasure,” Ranaka mentioned on her Instagram page.

After only three episodes the podcast has received excellent reviews, nearly five stars, with many complimenting Ranaka for enlightening them on subjects that people are usually too afraid to discuss.

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