Generations Contender : Ashes to Ashes

On September 15th, 2014, some of the fired generation actors went on different campaigns asking their loyal supporters to boycott Generations in order to make Mfundi Vundla feel their absence.

However, nothing happened and most of the actors went off the air, but some of the actors were still active on screens  and majority of the cast was left unemployed. Then, Generations the Legacy re-opened with a new cast and a new script that delivered less than expected to its once loyal fans.

Generations Soapie viewership dropped and loyal fans opted for shows with fresher and more vibrant contents. Unfortunately, this never gave the ex – generation actors their jobs back in return.

We were in on the news on the 08th of December with a new show that packs in several actors that were fired from generations soapie. The show is called ” ASHES TO ASHES ” and premiered last night on Etv at 8pm.

The names of x-generations actors that fascinates a lot of people and fans are :
Patrick Shai, who played the role of Patrick Tlaole in generations,
Zenande Mfenyana, who played the role of Nolunta Memela in generations,
Nambitha Mpumlwana, who played the role of Mawande Memela in generations,
Maggie Benedict , who played the role of Akhona in generations,
Mandla Gaduka, who played the role of Selwyn ‘Choppa’ Maithufi in generations, and more are believed to be unveiled as more episodes are screened.

One of actors, that is of great note to our review team is Nambitha Mpumlwana, as she puts on a very strong character in the new soapie. We believe she is set to make big things happen as her true acting capacity is about to be fully utilised in this new soapie.

Ashes to Ashes story centers around Funeral business, as the epilogue of the story reveals :

In Mzansi, funerals can mean big business. From pricey caskets, fancy cars and red carpets, to catering, cows and the couture. So far, death has been good to the Namane family who run the popular and prosperous Namane Funerals. But their luck is about to run out with the arrival of an estranged family member and a dark secret.

The viewership statistics have proven that a lot of people wanted out on generations the legacy, the story angle for Ashes to Ashes unveiled tonight was somewhat interesting and has the potential to get fans glued to their TV screens. The revealed actors and the expectations of fans for the continuous introduction to their missed fans are a sure catch.

Also to be noted by producers of Ashes to Ashes, is the issue of the picture quality of the soapie, we would believe these early episodes is done in a rush to get the premier sorted and hopefully quality improves.

Generations viewership surely would have taken a far deeper ditch tonight and hope this turn of events would be seized by Mandla’s teams to re-structure their story line or wrap generations up for good, before Sabc1 looses its prime time clients.

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