RADA Inspire creates a shift in perspective and greater understanding for those behind the wheel

In March of this year, RADA launched the RADA Inspire campaign as part of their overall vision to create a safe and peaceful environment for all, effecting change through compassion and understanding. Undertaking an unprecedented ten-month social campaign, the team set out to highlight South Africa’s most overlooked societal grievances.

Their thinking: if we can change our perspective, change our mindsets, then we can change our actions.

The first month of the campaign, the month of March, was dedicated to a highly controversial topic: our attitude towards taxi drivers and fellow road users. It is important to state that this campaign in no way endorsed any illegal behavior on the road, either taxi- or general-vehicle-related, but simply intended to create awareness around our reaction to issues on the road and the effect thereof, i.e. a web of negativity that infiltrates our psyche.

RADA created an awareness video to launch the campaign, which can be viewed here:

Wanting to capture both sides of the spectrum, RADA Inspire created multiple initiatives with the aim of stimulating conversation. On 25 March 2018, the non-profit held the first ever CEO Taxi Dash.

Three top company CEOs – including J-P Nobrega, the founder of RADA himself – were given the opportunity to make use of taxi services via an “amazing race” type dash across the city. To capture their experience, we sent a team of expert cameramen to follow them. Filled with a bunch of ‘a-ha’ moments and new insights, the video will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Check out the RADA Inspire CEO Taxi Dash

Moreover, the team recruited SA Idols finalist Brenden Praise and feature artist on the RADA Inspire album, to capture the perspective of the taxi driver. Spending an entire morning in the passenger seat of a run-down taxi, this is what Brenden Praise had to say.

Check out his experience here: RADA Inspire Taxi Ride Along with Brenden Praise

Up until now, anger has accomplished nothing in terms of solving the problem. We believe that even the briefest moment of patience and good-will can produce tangible, nation-wide results, and that a road without fear or frustration is a safer and more efficient road for all.

Dubbed Taxi Month by RADA Inspire, this theme was linked to the month of March, but as an ongoing matter of concern, RADA Inspire has and will continue to address the topic throughout the campaign and into the new year. The plan is to reignite each theme on an annual basis, creating a force of unforgettable change and an increasing shift in perspective.

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