Meet the Mncube Twins

In the contemporary era, there are new ways of doing things and a more appreciable way of being a youth. Gone are the days when the simple things like a one on one conversation is more preferable than social media.

A time when love was at its most innocent stage and people get involved in relationships for the natural law of affection. So are there still old age African virtue and cultures that are practiced and appreciated in this age.

As morale dwindles away with the rise of the media and a western culture. Many ask the question, are there still people who respect the old religious and traditional African virtues ?

This led me on a journey to meet the Mncube identical twins In the heart of Johannesburg, Diepkloof, their story is one that is not common in Gauteng. We hear of the Zulu maiden dance in Kwazulu Natal and the Shinne virtue of the Ndebele tribe but being a virgin is not something celebrated in Gauteng.

#MMexploringlifestyle3The identical twins, Thulisile and Babongiwe Mncube have kept their virginity till the age of 29 years, they have become role models and more of a celebrities in their neighborhood. The question is, how did they do it and how does it feel to be celebrated as unique in an age where such is not so common.


Thembekile Mdletshe: How did you guys keep your virginity for so long?

Mcube Twins: It was quite easy, we just did not want to experience the pain and heartbreak many ladies had to deal with and we were so close to our christian values that it was actually very easy for us to not feel odd keeping our virginity.

Thembekile Mdletshe: So, do you not get discriminated against?

Mcube Twins: Its common, a lot of people believe we are regressive and hence cannot tolerate our decision to be different and set a different standard to be role models to a virtue no more celebrated.

Thembekile Mdletshe: So what made you guys decide you were going to stay virgins

Mcube Twins: We decide we wanted to live a chaste life( sexually pure life, still virgins) Catholics can relate to this. As we were growing up we have always been God fearing children,basically all our lives have always  been God centered, our lives revolved around church,We always wonder what influenced this but we believe that God blessed us with one of  the 9th fruits of the holy spirit being self control.

Most people are amazed about this ,some always question if we don’t get attracted to guys or we lesbians, if we don’t have feelings ,like really? It is not like we are immune to opposite sex, we do get attracted, more especially to bold guys ( giggles) . This is just the story of our lives.

Thembekile Mdletshe: How does your parents feel about this?

Mcube Twins: Our dad has always been against the idea of us becoming nuns and he always wanted to see us having kids and running our own families one day,mom on the another had she has always been grateful and proud as to how we conduct ourselves ,no parent wishes to see their child being astray or dating with no intetion to get married.

Thembekile Mdletshe: Are you saying you never had boyfriends?

Mcube Twins: Bongi has had a boyfriend before and it was quite hard separating and being alone without my twin. The relationship never lasted but the truth is we stayed true to our decision and having people who did not support the cause was hard.

Thembekile Mdletshe: Have you thought of marriage?

Mcube Twins: We do think about it and we are not so particular about it, it is hard to separate and we might consider devoting ourselves to the being sacred.

Growing up we always had a burning zeal  to become nuns but we did not pursue that due to family constraints, we both decided to get purity rings which were blessed by our local priests and we made  a promise to God to stay sexually pure until marriage or until ever.

#MMexploringlifestyle-RecoveredThembekile Mdletshe: So what would you say is the benefit of being virgins?

Mcube Twins: You know yourself worth and how to make sound decisions in terms of life planning ,not every Tom and Jerry can take advantage of you ,

Thembekile Mdletshe: So how did you handle sexual proposals during relationships

Mcube Twins: The guy i was dating with,He knew from day one what was i all about and he was so understanding and respected my decision,everytime we were together ,we woudnt engage to something that could lead us to cross that bridge,it was just an innocent relationship.òne would question how is that possible? Lol its all in the mind.

Thembekile Mdletshe: Would you advise others to follow suit?

Mcube Twins: Definitely, yes.

Thembekile Mdletshe: Do people not say you are lesbians

Mcube Twins: This is a funny one , when people hear our story the 1st thing they say guys no ,are you sure you not lebsians ? And will be like we straight guys its not like we dont get charmed ,not beibg in a relationship or being a virgin does not make a lesbian .


Thembekile Mdletshe: So what next from here

Mcube Twins: We open to any Godly relationship,bodly guys must start sending the cvs * giggles * we dont believe in doing the hunting ,thats a man’s job ..The other thing we would love to do its the outreach programs for the youth, basically teach them about valuing themeslves and knowing their self worth.woman your body is the temple of God and purchased at a price

My meeting with the Mncube was a very uplifting time for me, they seem truly connected, happy and very satisfied with their lifestyle. The reality became quite obvious at the meeting, that we create happiness for ourselves.

This twins are role models for something positive, with kids in school having sexual intercourse and celebrating loosing their virginity as a moral code this days. The Mncube twins are helping to revive the traditional virtue of virginity. This for me was something quite unique and sometime that is not that well celebrated in the media anymore.

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