There is nothing Wick about Nicholas Cage’s Pig Movie

High Speed, adrenalin, and goosebumps action-packed movie are what you expect when you see Nicholas Cage. The easy script was Hollywood switching the dog for a hog to cast Nicholas as the Farmer version of Wick.

Despite all these ideas of what a typical Hollywood movie could be, I went in knowing nothing about the film. The culinary world undertones were a treat especially seeing Pig was released on the same day as the Anthony Bourdain documentary.

While not action-packed, It is hard to stop watching out of genuine curiosity and investment in the Nicholas Cage character. Little is said yet it resonates its meaning despite the lack of dialog. The few words and phrases spoken by Nicolas Cage hold depth.

And his control at acting his role very well, speaks volumes in itself. The premise of the movie is unique for a storyline.

There is a lot left unanswered, it is a different yet sombre walk-on path less traveled but filling. Despite the less kick in this Nicholas Cage classic, it is easy to say there is no competition between Wick and Pig.

You would have to be a person that cherishes the novelty of stories told well and a fan of Nicholas to find this charming. A lot to fill in the gaps with your own assumptions but it carries its own sort of satisfaction at the end.

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