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An awesome trip to Wambaths in BelaBela

David Aladegbaiye Patricks



This was one of those trips I read of in the magazines and I look the other way considering i would have to drive thousands of miles just to take a swim in a warm pool. Call me un-adventurous and I will pull out my memoirs but for the sake of this article, I will let you in on some memorable tips I got about making braai away from your home braai place.

Bela-Bela is a very far place for most people in Gauteng and as most living in Gauteng, if we would travel far for some tranquility and fun, we always count the monies worth. On arrival, there were lots of people at the pool, so I spread out my arm chair and assumed the spectator role with some of the Lads I was there with for the day.

It was an arranged family get together, so in a few minutes or more I got a bit excited by the playlist from the entertainment centre. I was not expecting such a beautiful playlist of house and hip-hop genre at a pool place but it was just the right beat to keep people up beat and as I looked around I saw happy faces and families having a blast.

There was even time for some cultural tracks that got most of the people at the pool side excited and jubilating.

It was time to braai, so we checked the braai area and there were some braai stands available, so myself and the other mates went over to get the fire started and get some steak on sticks. As a novice that I was, I learnt a few tips that might be useful for anyone braaing in a public space.

Firstly, note that your Charcoal paper bag is one of your most precious possession at a public braai place.
1. pre-Marinate the meat the night before
2. Tear the paper bag and use it as a brush to clean the braai net
2. Use your paper bag to fire up the coal
3. Use your Braai paper bag to blow the fire
5. Make sure the coal is fully burnt before you start the braai
6. Braai as much meat at the same time, this helps the heat pressure get the braai done quicker.

After the braai, I had a lekker pap meal with some scrumptious steak and boerwors, and then headed to the pool for some swimming time. I met a lot of lovely people at the pools, all so good I had a water resistant Nikon camera to capture some memorable moments.

Warmbaths is really a great place to meet people, take a warm swim and not really only that but a wonderful place for families to re-kindle love and singles to mingle. I remembered the detailed security check, ample parking space, and a variety of water fun.

I am the Co-founder of NativityConcepts,SA , acting Brands Manager for Maphorisa initiatives, Shareholder of empowerprojects, Psychologist at Lovefoundation, Mentoring partner for Mzanidirectories. A business mind, a playful soul and a fan of life. I love to share my experiences and feelings in a practical way, hence i ended up with a hobby for writing.

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Spring fiesta 2015 : Bigger & Better




Everyone was bells on as the event attracted thousands and thousands of music lovers. This year’s theme was House vs Hip-Hop, which is a concept aimed at settling the beef between house and Hip-Hop lovers. 7 stages, with all genres of music from house, Hip-hop to reggae were filled with gleeful and cheerful faces of fans of music who were kept dancing from midday till the early morning of Sunday.

The line-up was packed, 3 international acts including Osanlade, from Yoruba records, Lars Behrenroth and Rocco it doesn’t get any better. People started flocking in at 12 and by 5 o’clock the place was packed, there was not even a space to pass let alone stand. The tickets were all sold out before the event, including the VVIPs one. Not even one ticket was sold at the gate. People took the package deals that were available for those who felt like going home after enjoying drinks is not appropriate.

This was indeed an excellent idea as it allowed people to drink the night away knowing that they will be driven to the accommodation, promoting don’t drink and drive initiative.

The security was tight and all security measures putted in place made everyone feel safe and secure from all the dangers and crime associated with large crowds. More than 70 artists performed in 7 stages, but however only 4 stages had a buzz and the rest were not as crazy and loud as the others.

Let’s looks at the stages in detail;
Soul Candi stage, which was the main arena, had the most dope line up with the likes of Fistaz Mixwell, Cueber ft Kensyi, Black Motion, Bucie and not forgetting the most highlights of the night, which includes DJ Shimza, who rocked the crowd with his new hit benga ‘akulalwa’ featuring Dr Malinga, Dj Tira together with Big nuz and Dream Team which drove the crowd insane with ‘call out tune and Umlilo. The sound of popped Champagne felt like rain in the night.

Dj Sphectecular & Naves hype set was on another level, these two know how to rock the crowd as they also rocked the Hip-hop crowd in we live hip hop stage. Dj Fresh and Oskido were put together, salute to that idea: these are true legends of house music. Dj Black coffee took us until mid-night with Nakhane Toure as he closed the night off and everyone went bananas. He is an all-rounder, performer/ entertainer and we’ve just discovered that he’s a dancer too, as he left the decks to dance with the Soweto dance crew.

We Love Hip-Hop stage highlights
This stage had the craziest fans at the fiesta ground, with many fans shuffling to touch artists. Dj line up was filled with hip-hop Dj’s who are legends in the industry, the likes of Dj Speedsta, Dj Vigilante,The naked Dj and Sphectecular and Naves were the ones among the Decks.

Ricky Rick aka Boss zonke, got on stage and did his thing as he wowed the crowd that were singing along to every song he sang. K2s performance wasn’t that long; however, it left us questioning his talent. Anyway, we not talent influencers, but big brother has a lot to do with where he is.

Reason grabbed the mic and it was not that difficult to guess what he was going to do next as he had no reason to disappoint his fans due to his talent of writing dope flows. He indeed bumped the cheese up and lit the stage on fire, leaving his fans wanting more.

Kwesta/Mr cool didn’t want to put off the fire as his energy on stage commands the crowd to do what he does, ‘Do like I do’ got the crowd screaming and singing along. Just when we thought he was done, Boom!! The chakalaka spilled on stage and the fans had no choice but to sing along. When we thought the fire will not get any better, ok malumekoolcat climbed the stage as the last but not least performer of the night, never seen such energy on an individual. He’s a natural born entertainer that even get the girls throwing them panties on the stage.

House of Flava was the second stage with the largest audience. Amongst people who rocked the crowd was our very own stage host, Mo Flava Dj, twins on decks, Dj Clock and many more. International acts second the list and rocked the soul stage, hosted by none other than DJ Lulo Café. It was mainly deep house that was played and it was the third largest stage with awesome audience. This auspicious event has proven that South African music is a fast growing industry and our local artists are very talented, it’s just that they need proper channels for growth.

At the press conference that was held in Kempton Park last week, Mr Ricardo Da Costa said “this occasion built legacy, partnerships and relationships amongst potential sponsors and record labels in the Country”. Spring Fiesta held so many parties for this event which include, the pre-party at Taboo in Sandton | 2nd October, another party was held for the spring fiesta, a chillas session at KwaThema on Sunday afternoon.

There has been numerous request from the fans of #springfiesta to host a province to province, event that would not happen anytime soon. Spring Fiesta stays in Ekurhuleni as it was the brainchild of Ekurhuleni’s Ricardo Da Costa. Getting out of that place took us an hour because of the stampede that was caused by the large and a huge crowd turn up, it was a success and we look forward to next year’s spring fiesta.

More Images from the event would be loaded soon …. Story update

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#ExploringLifeStyle : Just Chillin Sessions

Mamakitla Mosupa




This passed Saturday had me waking up with an extra spring in my step, i was even humming to music i wouldn’t usually hum to. I finally had something to do on a Saturday and it involved three of my favourite things..people, outdoors and music.

Just Chillin was having their 4th session at the Prinschurch Building in the Pretoria CBD and despite the rain gracing us with its untimely presence, that’s where i was headed, me and my people. I hadn’t turned myself into the hype man for nothing, nah.

When we got there, people were sitting inside because the rain had gotten bad and they had to take cover but none of that had dampened their mood. Conversation was still flowing, laughter still boisterous and i for one was a happy somebody basking in the ambiance and ready to have the kind of fun i’d woken up for.

There were food stalls and an apparel stall, just suited for this event. Gourmet burgers, wraps, wings, wors was all there.
The music was awesome, it even had some people in the crowd shouting out “ah that’s my jam” while bobbing their heads and singing along. Plus you know fun is being had when people are doing the step(e).. New friendships were made and loads of pictures were taken..numbers exchanged and plans made for the next shindig which i’ll definitely be attending.

more images on #ExploringLifestyle Tumblr Page

I had one problem though..there wasn’t enough seating, yes the place shouldn’t have seats all around but let’s try even out the ratio or just make sure there are enough chairs for the tables or tables for the chairs. Adding variety to the drinks would also be a bonus.

If you’re one for fun, laughter, outdoors, good music, making friends then the Just Chillin Session is for you.

Just Chillin Session is a monthly event hosted in the heart of Pretoria. It was started to curb the boredom of locals and to satisfy their yearning for something new and fresh – Justchillin

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