North West tourist initiative to Unite Creatives.

All Creatives are best known for their special abilities to express their skills in unique ways, ways that make it uneasy for most to be part of a group unit.

The South African Arts and Culture are the back bone of entertainment and the foundation of many celebrities in this country, but recognizing talents with their province of birth is not so easy. Most creatives are given root provinces based on their location or place of residence. This is mostly the case with creatives in the Industry, Jozi has become home for many.

That might seem to be a thing of the past to view creatives that have their roots in the North West as a Jozi breed or an isolated talent. The North West tourism engaged some of the prominent names in the industry like Katlego Danke, Thato Molamu, Motlapele “Mo Molemi” Morule, Stoan Seate and many more in a shareholder engagement that is aimed at reviving the tourist industry in the North West as well as educating the country about the rich heritage the province has on offer.

During the session, the topics that were highlighted are key priorities that would help to develop talents that are in the industry and that are looking for a break in the entertainment industry. The engagement platform also sets to make resources available to talents to enable them explore their talents and grow the industry.

Also of note is the historical treasures that the Northwest holds and the vast knowledge that could be unleashed by the establishment of the creative association for all the creatives that were at the A re yeng Bokone Bophirima Stakeholder Engagement at The Market Theatre.

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