Everyone has been on about #Maboneng and it felt like the right time to visit the area, considering the Jozi Film Fest was on our list of to do things and it would be nice to have some sushi from the famous television celebrity : Vusi Kunene’s Blackanese Sushi bar.

On arrival, it’s not that easy to quickly notice the blackanese sushi bar “my opinion” if you coming down south. I was expecting a bit of the japanese clothing trend on the waiters but the ordinary black shirt takes the fun out of the whole brand etiquette experience. We were welcomed cheerfully and sitted at the balcony table in front of the sushi bar.

It was quite a small area but interestly spacious enough to have a comfortable meal and enjoy the parade of art on #maboneng street.

Blackanes Review3

The mojito drinks had a fresh taste and felt original, might be on my list of well mixed drinks. The Angelfish was spiced up with some chilli, and that gave it the most tasteful kick from what fish ordinarily tastes like. The light in the bar was conditioned smoothly for a japanese feel, as well as the raw look of the tables and interior.

Blackanes Review2

I have not being a fan of sushi, considering the numbers of chefs who get it wrong. I was really skeptical but the meal looks so good and i did not regret the temptation, this was the best sushi in town. The sushi was a burst of flavour and a rush that could be felt all the way down my throat, I could not stop humming as i chewed this piece of delicious sushi. I just instantly could say am official a sushi lover.

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