Are South African men “spornosexual”?

The modern South African man loves to look good, be fit or sporty and enjoys sex, according to the results of the recent Men’s Nation Survey. These traits fit the description of ‘spornosexual’, a term characterised by these specific qualities and devised by British journalist Mark Simpson who also created the term ‘metrosexual’.

‘Spornosexuality’, says Max Olesker of Esquire, is a term that denotes men who strive to look like sportsmen or porn stars and marks the next stage in the evolution of the ‘metrosexual.’  The Men’s Nation Survey shows that South African men are fast following this global trend.  70% of the respondents feel that it is very important to look good, 44% exercise 3 to 5 times a week and 67% watch porn.

The survey, which ran during February, had 4 461 respondents and dealt with a bevy of issues affecting South African men from money to sex to careers to parenting and health.  The respondents were well-educated (73% have a tertiary education), urban South African men with a healthy monthly income.

Sex is important with the majority of the respondents (45%) having sex 1 to 3 times a week, 27% masturbating a few times a week and nearly a third (31%) admitting to a sexual fetish.

And they’re more stylish than you thought – 51% of those surveyed felt that every guy should go for a fitting for a custom-made suit (at least once in their life); 64% felt that fragrance is one grooming product no man should go without.

And who would they choose as their ultimate wingman? The majority of the respondents opted for Chad le Clos as their wingman of choice.

“This survey has given us some intimate insights into the modern South African male,” says Nadia Boucher Coombe, Head of Marketing “We had a fantastic response from our readers and it was great to learn about the newly evolved “spornosexual” South African man.”

“But,” adds Coombe “The results of the survey don’t just reflect grooming, exercise and sexual trends.  We asked important, hard questions too, and those insights are equally fascinating.”

According to the respondents, equality in the workplace is still an issue with a vast majority (61%) believing that the workplace is not equal for men and women.  However, the home place responsibilities seem to be more fairly divided with 39% equally involved in taking care of the kids and only 12% relying on their partner to take care of the household chores.

57% are still the majority breadwinner, which might explain the 81% who said they are happy with their jobs.  48% of respondents believe that South Africa’s economic situation will improve within the next 10 years only if we get a new president while 42% said they could consider agreeing to an abortion due to health issues. 32% of respondents said they did not believe in abortions at all

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